Top Online Business Ideas You Can Start in 2019

Anyone can start a money-making online business.

Today there are plenty of tools you can use to build an online business that makes money.

You can also live anywhere you want, set your own schedule, and work as little or as much as you want, depending on how fast or big you want your business to grow. 

Here are some examples to choose from:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically the process of earning a commission by promoting somebody else’s product.

Because affiliate marketing works by spreading the responsibilities of product marketing and creation across parties, it manages to leverage the abilities of a variety of individuals for a more effective marketing strategy while providing contributors with a share of the profit. To make this work, three different parties must be involved:

  1. Seller and product creators.
  2. The affiliate or advertiser.
  3. The consumer.

2. E-commerce

Ecommerce refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. Ecommerce can describe any kind of commercial transaction that is facilitated through the internet.

The advantages of e-commerce compared to traditional commerce are really powerful.


  1. More clients. There is no local store. The possibility of selling and buying from any part of the world expands the target public and allows your store to gain more clients.
  2. Always open: Websites are open all day long and clients can buy whatever they want whenever they want it.
  3. Less costs: not needing a physical store reduces the costs of running a traditional business.
  4. Bigger profit margin: cost reduction and market extension mean that a bigger profit margin can be obtained than with a traditional store. More products are sold and more money is made.

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3. Drop shipping

Drop shipping is when you create an online store to sell other people’s products.

Dropshipping is great for entrepreneurs because it doesn’t demand as much as the traditional retail model. You don’t have to open a brick-and-mortar store, pay overhead, and stock products. Instead, you open an online storefront and buy wholesale from suppliers who already have products and warehouse space.

4. Teach Online Courses

If you have a skill of any sort, you can make money teaching it online.

Online teachers in the modern world can teach anything.

If you’re interested in sharing your skills, ask yourself what your interests and your skills meet. What is something that you’re passionate about and really good at? Do you think there are other people out there who would be interested in learning your skill or knowledge?

If you want to make your own website to sell videos or courses, then you’ll need to spend a little bit on hosting. If you’re starting an online business, helps you get started with cheap hosting and different domain names. 


If you have the expertise or a passion or interest for a subject, you’re ready to start making money with a blog. You can also create your own site and secure your own hosting for a low price with

You can post anything that is related to your niche.

They key is that you want to post original content that is useful to your target audience and to post on a regular basis. That is the best way to get ranked in the search engines and to also get your audience to take action.


Toutube is one of the world’s most popular websites, with more than 1 billion users watching hundreds of millions of hours of video each day.

Starting a YouTube channel is the best online business to start when you want to build an audience, even while still working full time.

As your audience grows, you can make money through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, branded merch, or selling books and courses.

7. Social media management

Social media management is the process of managing your online interactions and content across social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn,YouTube, and Pinterest etc.

A social media manager may be employed by a brand, individual, or business to reach new customers online or to improve and maintain their reputation.

The Social Media Manager is a highly motivated, creative individual with experience and a passion for connecting with current and future customers.