5 Mistakes to Avoid in WordPress

Not only beginners, but also WordPress experts can sometimes make mistakes. And in this post, we will highlight the most common mistakes when using WordPress that everyone should know and avoid. Let’s start!

1.You Don’t Have Responsive Design

Mobile devices are fast becoming the most common way of accessing WordPress websites. This is why your website should be readable in all screen sizes. What you could do is to have a responsive design on your website. This way, your website will look good on all screen sizes.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Settings

Another very simple things that we notice beginners ignore are the SEO settings for blog posts and pages. No it is not enough to just install a plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast, and then do nothing. You should still proactively update your meta settings.

3. WordPress Platform

You need to make the right choice for your new WordPress platform.

GreenHost.eu enables the WordPress hosting which is installed directly to our server and is suitable for everyone.

4. Choosing an inappropriate design

The design of the web is very important. It is difficult to spot the mistakes, especially if you are not a designer. These are the most common mistakes:

•Using colors that do not go with each other

•Poor image quality

•Huge images

•Huge logo

5. Ignoring Security

Often users don’t care about their site security until they get hacked. Developers, and businesses try to stay a few steps ahead of hackers. Keep your WordPress site safe through the powerful use of identification codes.