What is JetBackup?

JetBackup is a leading backup solution for cPanel. JetBackup allows you to back up your cPanel account quickly and efficiently through cPanel Remote.

Why do we provide our customers with JetBackup?

– Empower users to make their own backup and restorations from within their web hosting control panel.
– Encourage users on the importance of safeguarding/backup their important data.

Why JetBackup is important?

JetBackup has many advantages over traditional backups. Here are some features:


Multi-scheduling allows you to create multiple schedules all with different retention limits that can all be applied to the same backup job. You no longer need to create a separate backup job for each schedule. Multi-scheduling also auto-detects when multiple schedules for the same job are scheduled for the same time. When this occurs it only stores one backup versus multiple backups saving you storage space.

Hourly Backups

It allows you to back up your accounts on an hourly basis. It is a must have option for dynamic websites with frequently changing data.

Account Filters

Set up unique filters to specify exactly which accounts you would like included or excluded in your backup jobs. Separate your backup jobs by account size, resellers, cPanel package types, and much more. Add as many filters to the same backup job as you would like.

Several options with JetBackup.

Full Account Backups

With the JetBackup feature you can download a full backup of your account in the JetBackup. Generally we suggest restoring your files and databases rather than the account as a whole if necessary.

File Backups

The File Backups section of JetBackup will allow you to restore any files and folders you wish.

Database Backups

The Database Backups section of JetBackup will allow you to restore any databases. You will see a list of your databases as well as the time that the database backup was taken.