What is Imunify360?

What is Imunify360?

Imunify360 is a powerful all-in-one security solution for Linux web servers.

Sites running on PHP-based platforms, like WordPress, Joomla, and Magento CMSs, various eCommerce and forum applications, are vulnerable to web attacks. With only a few lines of code, hackers can inject malware, deface your site, or escalate privileges to gain complete access to entire servers.

Imunify360 uses machine learning technology and extensive, signature-based algorithms to identify patterns of abnormal behavior in near real-time to quickly prevent new attacks.

Imunify 360 benefits

  • Imunify360 constantly collects and processes a massive amount of information about new attacks from servers all over the world. It analyzes the web traffic that hits your servers, understands all security threats, and uses powerful AI technology to dynamically update its rules and prevent malicious attacks that could cause harm.
  • Protects your server and all sites running on it against threats, such as known and unknown malware, and distributed brute force attacks, the most common kind of web server attack.
  • Analyzes insights from the global network to ban attacks before they even attack you
  • Includes additional features such as Reputation Management and an advanced Captcha system for vetting website visitors also a responsive system with a high frequency of scanning that does not degrade the performance of your system


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